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Fundraising is both mind-boggling and time-consuming. 

Sustain is a plan that consists imply of two calls and a starter fundraising plan to get you underway. During the first call, you'll tell me about your project and your fundraising need. I will then curate a bespoke plan of up to ten donors whom you can approach. Following that, we have another call so that I can talk you through the plan so and your next steps.

It's as simple as that. 

Worth £450. Introductory price; £375



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Grow |
Support and advice for wildlife conservationists

As conservationists our time is often extremely stretched. We spend our lives, heads down ‘getting on with it’ because we really want to just do our best and have a positive impact on the world around us. Over time, the jobs pile up and we’re given more and more responsibility (which is great) but working in a resource-strapped crisis discipline often means we don’t have time to catch our breath. 

This one to one coaching experience is designed to help you gain clarity and perspective on your project and help you strategically plan your next steps. The advice given is bespoke to your needs and gives you the time and space to develop and improve your project, at a time and place that suits you.

What you will learn


Unlike my sow work kits, this service is completely catered to you. The first call is intended to help focus your energy and give you a productive direction of travel to meet your needs. Following the call, you will be allocated clear exercises to work on until we next ‘meet’ that will be tailored to help you achieve your goals.

The second call will review your progress and define the next steps to help you on your journey. The whole package is intended to give you accessible and affordable advice give you clarity and purpose to achieve your conservation dream.




What you will get

  • 2 x 45 minute phone/skype/zoom calls with Victoria

  • Written up notes from both weekends

  • Follow-up exercises

Is this for me?    


This coaching is for you if any of the following describes you;


  • You have some time available and you want some help and advice to improve your strategy or streamline your approach

  • You're excited and motivated in starting a new project, but don’t know where to start

  • Your team have had a few setbacks and now you crave some structure

  • You know your project is making things better but your trustees or donors want you to show your project is successful

  • You feel you are not achieving everything you could be because you feel you are getting too bogged down in the detail

  • You want to help nature but feel you lack the relevant expertise

  • Although your team have the technical aspects sorted, you need help prioritising your project’s bigger picture objectives

  • You want help with key aspects of your project like fundraising, working with local stakeholders, problem-solving or monitoring your work

Introductory offer for 2020; £39.99 for the entire programme (worth £64.99)






To book 'Grow' please email Victoria and tell her your ideal dates for your first call.


"Victoria was professional and friendly, putting us at ease to talk openly and explore ideas"

Fully Booked Until Spring  2022