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The gift of time

Roots |
a virtual project management retreat for wildlife conservationists

As conservationists, our time is often extremely stretched. We spend our lives, heads down ‘getting on with it’ because we really want to just do our best and have a positive impact on the world around us. Over time, the jobs pile up and we’re given more and more responsibility (which is great) but working in a resource-strapped crisis discipline often means we don’t have time to catch our breath. 

Roots aims to rectify this. It is a seven-week programme of recorded online material complemented by one-on-one video coaching. The coaching provides support within the programme and ensures that you receive a bespoke experience which is totally unique to you and your project. You will leave the programme with a firm project plan ready to implement straight away and designed to maximise your conservation impact.








Aviailable to purchase in;








Is this for me?    


Roots is for you if any of the following describes you;


  • You never seem to have the time and space to plan ahead 

  • Over time your project or site has developed a lot of different activities but while all of them are important there's nothing binding them together

  • Your team have had a few setbacks and you feel like your project needs a boost

  • You know your project is making things better but you struggle to make your voice really heard by your leadership team or donors

  • Your work is very focused on technical aspects of land management, ecology or volunteer management but you feel your lacking strategic management skills

  • You're excited and motivated in starting a new project, but don’t know where to start

  • You want to have an even greater impact for habitat and species at your project site



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