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The gift of time

Roots |
a virtual project management retreat for wildlife conservationists

As conservationists, our time is often extremely stretched. We spend our lives, heads down ‘getting on with it’ because we really want to just do our best and have a positive impact on the world around us. Over time, the jobs pile up and we’re given more and more responsibility (which is great) but working in a resource-strapped crisis discipline often means we don’t have time to catch our breath. 

This 'project management retreat' experience is designed to give you the time and space you need to assess your project objectively, gain clarity and increase your conservation impact. During the 'retreat', I will lead you through a process to evaluate your project's socio-ecological context, reveal barriers that are holding back progress and help you to strategically plan the next steps for you and your team.


Roots combines this approach with an online coaching element so that you receive bespoke one-on-one feedback, making each 'retreat' totally unique yo your project and responsive to your needs as a project manager.


Starting in July 2020, 'Roots' gives you the time and space to develop and improve your project using best practice methods, and at a time and place that suits you. By the end of this programme, you will have a work plan to implement right away.

Begins 20th July 2020

What you will do


Roots is based on business management retreats that your own leadership team probably go one once a year but, it is designed at the project or programme level for individual project managers. The 'retreat' will give you the dedicated time and support to think about your project objectively and holistically. Throughout the seven-week course, I'll guide you through a process to evaluate, plan and describe your project.


You will;

  • Create a strong, long-term vision for your wildlife conservation project

  • Include your key stakeholders into your planning

  • Identify significant barriers to your project - including the ones you're missing right now

  • Create SMART and donor-ready project outcomes 

  • Prioritise your must-do activities to maximise your conservation impact

  • Create a bespoke work plan with clear targets and responsibilities for your team


What you will get

  • 2 x 30 minute phone/skype/zoom calls with Victoria

  • Access to seven weeks of taught content via audio or video

  • The Roots notebook - a printable exercise book which guides you through the set exercises week by week

  • Follow-up exercises to set you on the right path

  • Access to an exclusive online group to share your ideas and learning with other conservationists

  • Access to the Vision Wild WhatsApp helpline for 3 months following your completion of Roots

'Roots' will begin on 20th July and presales are open now. Get your tickets today to reserve your place.


Introductory offer for Summer 2020; £137  (usually £167) for the entire programme, or you can make three separate payments of £46. The programme starts in July 2020. Booking available from 13th June.

Is this for me?    


This coaching is for you if any of the following describes you;


  • You never seem to have the time and space to plan ahead 

  • Over time your project or site has developed a lot of different activities but while all of them are important there's nothing binding them together

  • Your team have had a few setbacks and you feel like your project needs a boost

  • You know your project is making things better but you struggle to make your voice really heard by your leadership team or donors

  • Your work is very focused on technical aspects of land management, ecology or volunteer management but you feel you're lacking a clear strategic oversight

  • You're excited and motivated in starting a new project, but don’t know where to start

  • Your project is ticking along fine but you want to have an even greater impact for habitat and species at your project site

  • Your keen to learn new skills as a project manager

Your coach

Victoria started working in the UK conservation sector in 2008, working at Rutland 

Water Nature Reserve. She managed a citizen science monitoring project and led a

research project looking at wildlife conflict between fruit bats & litchi farmers. Since

then, Victoria has gone on to deliver multiple projects all around the world

whilst working for Fauna & Flora International. During this time she specialised in project

design, theory of change and impact monitoring. Now running her own consultancy

advising project managers in the UK and overseas, Victoria is an advocate for a wilder

Europe and works to support conservation projects in the UK and overseas, focusing

on pragmatic and affordable solutions that work in the field.




Still not sure if this is right for you? Get in touch and I'll talk you through the course in a little more detail so you can make whichever decision is right for you.

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