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Applying international standards


Based in the East of England I deliver workshops across the world to either introduce strategic design concepts, help design projects or simply train staff.  I am able to travel and provide quotes for anything from half-day to full day workshops based on the subjects below.


  • Problem-solving for large projects, with multiple stakeholders (recommend two days)

  • Strategic planning for non-profit organisations (recommend 3-5 days)

  • Conservation project design; theory of change (recommend 1 day)

  • Project review for existing projects using 'theory of change' (recommend 2 days)

  • Project monitoring to demonstrate impact (recommend at least half a day)

  • Create a log-frame (recommend half a day)


"The workshop is highly recommended. A thought-provoking day that challenged us to think deeply about how we move the organisation forward."

Arrange a phone call, Zoom or Skype call at a time that suits you for advice on your project and next steps
Book a free call
15 min

"Victoria was professional and friendly, putting us at ease to talk openly and explore ideas, yet keeping the day on track."


Vision Wild runs workshops on the above workshops throughout the year. Unconfirmed future dates are below, which will be dependent on the lifting of Covid-19 restrictions. We have several online professional development and support options in the meantime, for example the 'roots' and 'grow' programme.

If you'd like to see a workshop in your area on a particular project, let us know through our contact page.


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